chloe // 14 // ur friend

hi, im chloe, and im bad at writing these

hey, im chloe

i like cats, soup, rain, and u ♡
i just wanna draw cats and have a good time

i love making friends please add me on discord arsenicCatnip 💞#3823

useless facts abt me ;

+ im 14 and currently in 8th grade
+ i have nine beautiful cats !
+ my birthday is april 27th n im a taurus
+ my fav animals r cats and ferrets
+ my fav color is rainbows
+ im an infj-t

i love u so much baby <3
ur my everything

ur my best friend
im so lucky i know u
idk what i would do if we hadnt met

i love u zoly
ur incredible n i will always look up 2 u
simps 4 life <3

main interests

+ warrior cats
+ danganronpa
+ twelve
+ musicals
+ parks n rec
+ homestuck


+ jeremy heere [bmc]
+ shuichi saihara [drv3]
+ miu iruma [drv3]
+ nepeta [homestuck]
+ bristlefrost [warriors]
+ dovewing [warriors]
+ steven [su / suf]
+ marinette [miraculous]

u two are so epic , absolute power besties
it's crazy how long ive known yall lol
i hope ur doing good <33

dream is the og
p much the first person online i ever befriended
ily ur super cool <33

another person ive known 4 like? ever
ur such a sweetie

ur super nice n epic !!
i love talking to u abt parks n rec n fernsong lol